My Designs

My feminine design aesthetic layered with clean, modern and organic elements remains constant while continually changing based on the treasures I find.  I love the look of an especially organic stone like turquoise or leopard jasper cut so it sparkles.The juxtaposition creates something so special and naturally pretty. Gemstones and precious metals are such a unique gift from nature, I try to celebrate them in every piece I make.

Just like a chef that searches their local market for the best produce in season I'm continually searching for the finest stones and materials out there. Part of the magic for me is finding gemstones that I haven't seen anywhere else...a certain cut, amazing quality, or a color that catches my eye for the current season's trends

I want my jewelry to be worn everyday, be naturally beautiful and effortless while attention to detail and the quality of each piece is paramount. I include consistent design features in each piece so they compliment one and other and can be worn separately or in combination. I also keep in mind the current fashion landscape while creating something clean and classic looking.

When you wear So Pretty Jewelry I hope you feel wonderful about yourself and make everyone around you feel the same!



Grandma & Grandpa Cotter Had Style!  


They enjoyed life and all things made to stand the test of time. They appreciated the little things, celebrated all that was dear to them, and loved their family with enthusiasm. I have such wonderful memories of them!

Long before "Mad Men" came around there was George and Florence Cotter. Grandpa loved hats! He looked like Frank Sinatra with his chiselled features, fedora, and spectacular overcoat. Grandma loved well tailored pants, scarves and, most of all, jewelry! It didn't matter if she was off to off to the grocery store before hosting us for a family dinner, or simply going to the lake, she always had her lipstick and jewels on! She felt wonderful about herself, and made everyone around her feel the same.

I remember Grandma telling me that she enjoyed her jewelry so much, she would have loved to have taken a lapidary class so that she could make some of her own. I felt the same and soon started on a path to do what I love. I started to read jewelry making books, spent countless hours on the Internet searching for supplies and started traveling to various gem shows -  "So Pretty Jewelry" was born!


What's In My Jewelry Box Right Now? 

Right now I'm loving warm gold with bright jewel tones. Seafoam chrysoprase, emerald, amethyst and black onyx. The mix of gold with bold colors feels so refreshing and strong to me. It's a good way to start 2012! I mix and match these pieces with what I'm wearing depending on how casual or dressy the outfit.